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Investing in Uber: The Steps You Need to Know About



ber is a growing service that nearly everyone has heard of.

Uber provides a service that was long overdue in being offered to consumers as well as drivers.

Uber makes affordable transport possible from nearly any location and additionally offers their drivers a chance to earn some extra money in their spare time or even to drive full time if they so choose.

While the ridesharing industry has suffered some blows in recent years from issues related to driver insurance and also the pressure of airports and other public spaces prohibiting their presence to protect the livelihood of cab companies, it continues to be a very popular choice for travelers and commuters everywhere.


Uber recently clocked in as one of the largest IPOs ever when it was valued at $82 billion.  This put its shares on the radar of many investors.

If you are thinking about investing in Uber, you might have more questions than anything else.

If you are feeling a bit lost about the process to Invest in Uber, this handy article will teach you what you need to know!

1)      Prepare: You will need to have a brokerage account.

This is an easy thing to do and can be done online.

You will want to be sure that you select a broker that offers low fees or no fees.

You will also want to see if the broker offers partial shares.

This is where you will receive you shares when the time is right.

2)      Do Your Research: You will want to make sure that you read up about Uber extensively.

You will want to check out the management, its projected growth and all the other side assets that it holds.

Uber has a freight division, a self-driving car business and even rents scooters and bikes.

You should also consider negative factors that the company might have to struggle against.

The rideshare industry is not uniformly stable for companies.

Lyft is a perfect example of a rideshare entity that is not faring well over time.

Uber is a newcomer to the stock market so there is not much history to look at as far as stock market performance.

The best chance you will have to examine Uber’s stock projections is to check out its S-1 which is required to be filed before a company goes public.


3)      Be Careful: It is never wise to add too much of any one stock to your portfolio.

A financial planner can help you to decide how to balance your portfolio and how to adjust if you are going to add a more expensive stock like Uber to your portfolio.

It is a good rule of thumb to keep investments like Uber to 10% or less of your portfolio.

4)      Buy Your Stock: you have two options when you want to buy stock.

You can place a market order, which processes immediately. This can be a great way to get into a stock before the market changes or the price fluctuates.

If you are more price-driven in your buying plan, you can set a limit order which will buy your shares only when the price reaches the number that you are willing to pay.

5)      Allow Your Purchase to Mature: Once you have purchased your shares, allow them to mature and grow.

Stock is a long-term investment and the actual value of a stock is often only realized over time.

A financial planner can make a world of difference to your peace of mind if you have invested in shares in Uber or any other large entity.

Unless you feel confident managing your shares yourself, if it is always a good idea to get help with the management of them.


Always remember that you do not want to run blindly into a purchase such as this.

Just because you enjoy Uber’s services does not mean that it is automatically a great investment.

The market for any large company’s services can change at any time and for the slightest reason.

If you decide to purchase shares in Uber, make sure that you keep track of changes in the industry so those changes will not sneak up on you.


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