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The Best Uses For VapoRub: Tips and Tricks



ick’s VapoRub is well-known for its ability to help you to feel better if you have gotten a cold or a flu. While it can definitely help with your congestion, it is also good for many other things.

VapoRub is made of oil, camphor and menthol and offers a calming effect when it is applied.  These ingredients are good for many things besides colds!

VapoRub offers the same ingredients as more expensive muscle soreness recipes. You can replace your sore muscle rub with VapoRub and you will be super happy with how much it helps to alleviate your discomfort after a hard workout.


Is your skin dry and cracked? Are your lips chapped? Use VapoRub to solve these discomforts!

You will love how much better your lips and dry hands feel after you’ve applied Vick’s to them!

Have you cut yourself in the kitchen? Don’t reach for the antiseptic cream. Just use VapoRub to protect your skin from infection and to provide a cooling feeling to the wound.

If you have a burn from misadventures in the kitchen, VapoRub is the perfect burn care item. The cooling effect will help soothe the burn and the oils in the rub will protect your skin from further damage.

Are you fighting allergies or congestion? Take some Vick’s into the shower with you and let it evaporate into the steam in the shower. You will come out of your shower able to breathe freely and smelling fresh and clean!

Menthol and camphor are good for circulation and the oils in VapoRub are great for your skin as well. Talk about an all-around beauty secret!

On the topic of beauty secrets, if you are fighting with stretch marks and feeling like you are losing the battle, VapoRub can help! Eucalyptus has long been known to help with stretch marks and camphor and cedar leaf also are known to help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

Are you fighting with acne? Have you tried everything without results?

Did you know that you can use VapoRub to dry out blemishes and hydrate your skin to prevent the dry skin that is caused by other acne solutions? The next time that your acne flares up, just use VapoRub and you will be so pleased at the results!

If you have been outside and have gotten sunburned, don’t grab for the aloe gel! Just rub some VapoRub on your burn and voila! You will feel so much better and your skin will thank you for using VapoRub instead.


VapoRub also makes a good barrier against infection, so any kind of wound or bun will be kept safe from infection simply by using VapoRub on it.

If you are struggling with pets that are marking their territory or clawing items in your home, just rub some VapoRub on the surfaces themselves or else add a towel with VapoRub on it to the areas that you want them to stay away from.

You can skip the expensive pet training stuff and just use VapoRub to teach them to stop these behaviors!


Are you suffering from bug bites or itchiness? VapoRub is the perfect helper for these needs! Providing moisture to your unhappy skin will help start the healing process and the camphor and menthol will not only help cool away the irritation, they will also deter more insects from bothering you!

Did you slip and bruise your arm or knee? Have you tried icing the injury and it doesn’t look any better? VapoRub can help you out! Add some salt to the VapoRub and make a poultice that will improve the look of a bruise in a few minutes!

If you are intrigued by all of these solutions, you will want to go and get more VapoRub for your home! Throw out all the other skin care and home care products that you have cluttering up your cabinets and just use VapoRub for all of them! You will be pleased with the money that you have saved on daily homecare and personal care items and your health will be that much better!


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