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Things That Aluminum Foil Can do That No One Knows About



luminum is one of the oldest metals that has been used in manufacturing. Ancient humans even used it to help make tools and weapons.

Aluminum continues to be used in many daily products from household items to car parts.

You probably are not aware of all the things that you own and use each day that have aluminum in them!

The most commonly used form of aluminum that most people are aware of is aluminum foil.

This flexible metal wrap is great for covering food and many other uses around your home.

In fact, you are probably unaware of some of the things that aluminum foil can be used for in your daily life!

If you are pondering ways to reduce the number of products that you buy at the store for cleaning and other household solutions, you might be able to reduce your expenses with these simply hacks and tricks related to the use of aluminum foil around the house.

If you have cabinets that could use repainting or that are dark and tend to draw in bugs and other pests, aluminum foil can be used as a liner for those cupboards to brighten them up while also repelling pests and creepy crawlies. Plus, if you hate painting, this will prevent you having to do so!

If you love bananas but hate how quickly they go bad, you can prevent the waste of your fruit by wrapping aluminum foil around their stems. The aluminum slows the decay process and will keep your bananas fresh for even a week longer!


If you get annoyed by ice cream running down onto your fingers in the summer when you are trying to stay cool, you can prevent this issue by wrapping the sticks on your ice cream bars with aluminum foil. This will prevent sticky fingers for both adults and children and prevent stained clothing!

If you hate polishing silverware, you might not know this but your aluminum foil can help you out! Just rip the foil into strips and polish away!

If you garden and you are tired of birds attacking your plants, you can deter them with strips of aluminum foil attached to stakes or the pots of your plants on your balcony. The shiny reflections cast by the aluminum foil will confuse them and drive them away!

For those who love to bake, making pies is a labor of love! Prevent your pie crust from burning by wrapping the crust with aluminum foil and returning your pie to the oven to finish cooking!


Identity theft and credit card theft are more and more common each year. If you are worried about thieves stealing your credit card info through clever methods of scanning the numbers of the cards even when they are not holding onto them, protect those cards with a layer of aluminum foil! Your money and your identity will be safe no matter what!

Is your barbeque grimy and dirty? Have you scrubbed it forever and felt like it did not improve at all? Aluminum foil can break up the grime on your grill and have it looking as fresh as when it was new!


Does your child have a bake sale coming up? Did you just realize that you don’t have the right shape cookie cutters for a party that you agreed to bake for? Never fear! You can make your own cookie cutters out of aluminum foil! Just get creative and fold into your favorite shapes!

If you love to bake, you have probably realized after you got home from the store that you brown sugar is lumpy and sticky. This might mean another trip to the store unless you have some aluminum foil on hand! All you have to do is wrap that brown sugar in the foil and pop it into the oven for a few minutes at 300 degrees to get your brown sugar back to its original fluffiness!

Not only can aluminum foil clean your silverware, it can also protect it from tarnishing. If you have a set of silverware that you do not use very often, you can wrap it in aluminum foil and protect it from being tarnished when you need it the next time!

Along the same lines, steel wool tends to rust in between uses to clean pots and pans. Prevent rust on your steel wool by wrapping it in aluminum foil in between uses. Your hands and your pots and pans will thank you!

Taking food with you to a party can be exhausting. Between trying to make sure that your food items don’t spill on their way to the end destination, you also have to worry about warm items getting cold en route. Never fear! Aluminum foil will keep your hot foods warm on the way to the party!



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