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The Best WD40 Uses That You Never Knew About



eople often make jokes about WD40 being able to fix anything.  While this little trope is good for a laugh, WD40 is actually capable of so much more than most people know!

There are very few problems in your home that can’t be resolved with the use of WD40!

Most people are not aware that WD40 can be used as a cleaner too. It cleans glass and many other surfaces in a snap!

Have some shoes that need cleaned? Let WD40 do it for you!

Need to stop the squeak in your front door hinges? Let WD40 do that for you too!

Need to get a bolt off a screw? Use WD40 for that too!

Here are some other things that you probably did not know that W40 could do for you. 

There are many household concerns that you did not know you could resolve with this one product!

Do you have squirrels and other rodents that are attacking your bird feeder? Spraying down the bird feeder with WD40 will make it too slippery for them to climb. Your feathered friends will thank you!

If you have tarnished silver, you probably did not know that WD40 will remove the tarnish for you! Just spray and wipe clean! Presto! Clean silver!


Has the first icy day of winter hit and you are trying in vain to scrape the ice off your car? Simply spray your car windows with WD40 and wipe clean. No more ice slowing down your commute to work!

Have you run out of toilet bowl cleaner? No problem! Just grab your WD40 and spray it down, then scrub clean!

Is your shower glass splattered with soap scum? Have you tried to remove it with other cleaners without success? Use some WD40 and you will have a brand new shower in no time!


Having gum stuck to anything can be very frustrating. If you are struggling with removing a sticky label or some gum from a surface, just add some WD40 and you will have that gum removed in minutes!

Has the zipper on your favorite coat decided to stick? Did you know that WD40 can fix it for you? Just spray some WD40 on it and you will be all set!

Did your kid write on the walls with a crayon? Have you tried to wash it off without any luck? WD40 will take that crayon right off the wall!


Are some of your household appliances making squeaking noises? Is your bathroom door squeaky? WD40 was made just for this use. Fix those squeaky parts up in a jiffy and enjoy a quieter house.

Is your wedding ring stuck to your finger? Just spray some WD40 on it and gently twist it off! Problem solved!

Did you drive on a freshly tarred road and now there’s tar on your car? Don’t fret! Use some WD40 to clean that tar off like it never happened!

WD40 can also remove coffee and tea stains from any surface! There is nothing else that can do this!

Has a lock on your gate rusted shut? WD40 to the rescue! Just spray it on and work the lock open. Problem solved!


Just like removing coffee stains, WD40 can take lipstick off surfaces that have been stained. Never throw out your favorite items that are stained with lipstick. Just use WD40 to save them!

Are you working on cleaning out your fridge but you can’t get sticky drawers to slide free of the tracks? WD40 can be sprayed on the drawer tracks and then your fridge will come apart with ease!

Save yourself the money for a new showerhead by using WD40 to clean gunk and grime off of it. Build up is no match for WD40!



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